Decorating Cozy and Compact: Tips for Small Space Living

In the era of surging rent prices and booming construction of tiny homes, one trend truly prevails: small living spaces. So, whether you're in tiny living quarters by choice or happenstance, this short list of tips for decorating a small space is totally for you. 

Tip #1: The Perfect Sofa

A living room that's narrow and small can be particularly challenging to decorate. A carefully chosen sofa or sectional can make the most of your small living quarters. When you're shopping for a sofa, look for the "wall huggers"--these are the sofas that are long and can lean up against a wall. This gives your living room more depth.

Here's an example of a great sofa we can offer for your small space:

Tip #2: Embrace Textiles

Textiles go a long way toward helping set the mood of a space, which is super important when you're limited on actual space. Textiles can be anything from throw pillows and blankets--to area rugs and wall art. To choose the right textiles, pick a color palette (these are the colors you want your room to be) and let the items serve as the inspiration for the space.

Set a feminine and whimsical mood to your small living space with llama art:

Tip #3: Multi-functional pieces

You know the best thing about an ottoman? When you can dual-purpose it for storage too! But seriously, we're obsessed with pieces that can have more than one function. They're perfect for small spaces--and economical to boot (think two for the price of one). Not interested in an ottoman? No problem. A coffee table with drawers for storage makes for a great piece too.

A sleek, glossy coffee table with drawers that'd be perfect for your small space:

Interested in learning more tips on decorating cozy and compact? Reach out to the experts at The Hayden Furniture Depot! We offer quality new furniture and home decor for all living spaces.

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