Ten Sofas Your Interior Design Clients Want Now

Build a room around a great sofa and your clients will love your work. Here are the most popular sofa styles and how to use them.

The classic sofa

Classic Sofa

The classic sofa seats three. Its traditional look includes three seat cushions and back cushions. Classic sofas have soft lines that give them a universal style. The style of a classic sofa is dependent on a designer's upholstery choices.

The classic loveseat


The classic loveseat is a smaller version of the classic sofa. A loveseat seats two. Pairing the classic sofa and loveseat is common. Using a classic loveseat on its own is rising in popularity, due to downsizing trends and tiny houses. The classic loveseat fits in home offices, she-sheds, and oversized master-suites.

The oversized chair

Oversized chair

While not a sofa, giant-scale chairs are popular spots for reading and snuggling. They are bigger than a sofa and smaller than a loveseat. Consider an oversized chair as an alternative to a loveseat.

The sofa bed

Sofa Bed

The sofa bed is a couch that contains a fold-out bed intended for guest use. Encourage clients to select the best quality sofa beds. Suggest clients choose high-quality linens and pillows to go with them. Their guests will appreciate their hospitality.

The built-in recliner sofa

Recliner sofa

Built-in recliners solve design problems. Consumers love recliners. They may not be fans of their looks or use of floor space. Sofas with built-in recliners appear to be normal sofas when the recliner-function is not in use.

The sectional sofa


Sectionals provide seating for large groups of people. Most have a modular design that allows expansion to add seating. They also have options to turn corners and add chaise lounges. Sectionals can be so large that they may overwhelm a space.

Designers working with sectionals should harmonize the color of the sofa with the room. Link the sofa with wall colors using pillows, rugs, artwork, or textured throws. Use accessories in the room of appropriate size and scale.

The roll arm sofa

Rolled arm sofa

The feminine roll arm sofa has curved arms and a curved back. Roll arm sofas are often slip-covered in linen for a clean, classic style. They match clients with traditional or transitional styles. Pair them with tables that have curved legs.

The square arm sofa

square arm sofa

The square arm sofa has a linear, modern look. Square arm sofas are at home in living rooms and offices. They pair well with neutral fabrics, and one of today's biggest trends: Mid-century Modern décor. Square arm sofas have a built-in fan base: cats. Felines love to perch on a square-armed sofa's wide flat surfaces.

The lounge

lounge sofa

A lounge or chaise is for use by one person. Individuals can lean back on a lounge and extend their legs. Use lounges in large living spaces where other seating is available. Clients with walk-in closets may request them too. They provide a comfortable seating area for changing clothes.

The camelback sofa

camelback sofa

This sofa is shaped like a camel's back and has a visible wood frame and legs. The camelback sofa is ideal for formal living rooms. Upholster camelback sofas in silk jacquard, damask, or mohair wool.

For quirky clients, select an unexpected fabric that contrasts with a camelback sofa's traditional lines. Select a wild, modern print, bright color, or textured faux fur or burlap.

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