The TV Does Not Have To Be Your Decorating Nemesis

Over the years, the television has evolved.  There once was a time when the television was a piece of furniture.  The behemoth weighed a half ton or so and only got moved when you laid new carpet.  Then came the so-called portable TV.  Not really sure who was able to tote that thing around, because it was about 18 inches across and a couple of feet deep.  We were all so proud to have one that we bought even larger "entertainment centers."  They would take up an entire wall of the living room and were heavier that the television that rested on it.  Now we have evolved yet again to sleek models that are nearly frameless and rival a movie screen.  The dilemma now becomes, how do you decorate around it?  Do you just hang a deer head over it and call it a man cave?  Um, maybe not.  A few suggestions to consider might be:

Hide that thing!

So maybe you hate that super duper wall mounted monster, but secretly, you are addicted to crime and decorating shows.  You may decorate around it by hiding it.  No, don't roll it in and out of a closet when you want to watch, but camouflage it.  

  • Cover it up  You obviously have found a place for it already, maybe mounted on the wall above the fireplace.  You can have a picture and frame created in the exact dimensions that open up to reveal the set for viewing, and close for hiding.  Maybe even use a family portrait or some rustic barn doors (think Joanna Gaines).  Or what about a special verse on a sign that would then become your focal point? 

  • Make it disappear  We're not talking about any hocus pocus here.  There are several contractors (and some diy plans) that make lift cabinets.  These can range from simple to fancy schmancy.  They basically hide the television in a cabinet, and then remotely lift it when you want to watch.  

Blend, baby, blend

Sometimes you just cannot get away with it.  You cannot hide it.  I mean, come on, is it really so bad?  Doesn't everybody have one?  If that is the case, go for a base that incorporates your basic style, and make that your focal point.  Hang something above it that takes the eye away from that big. black. thing.  

Move it or Lose it

If you just can't see yourself dusting that enormous hunk of technology, move it.  That may not be too practical unless you have a game room, man cave, or she shed, but if you have the option, consider it. 

Or, think about you really need a television?  It is so much easier to design around a phone or a laptop. 

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