Top 5 Sofas of 2020

A comfortable and fashionable sofa can make or break a room. There are many sofas out there to choose from, but which one's are the best? Here are some of the top 5 sofas of 2020 and what features they add to your home.

Kyle Power Sofa

The Kyle Power Sofa is an extremely comfortable sofa for any room. Made of high-quality fabric, this sofa features roomy seats and power reclining. It comes in grey, which is an excellent color choice to match various room colors. Beyond that, it's an easy assembly- all it needs is legs to attach to the sofa. This would fit perfectly in a room filled with light, and with darker walls. Also, it will need some space behind it for optimal reclining so it should be a larger room, or placed in the middle. Ideal for living rooms, family rooms, or basements.

Barrett Dual Power Sofa

Another excellent choice for a functional and comfortable couch is the Barrett Dual Power Sofa. Again, it features the dual recliners and supported arms and footrests. The seats are quality foam and it is made of fabric, perfect for relaxation! Ideal for rooms filled with light, and lighter walls (preferably light grays or whites). 

Daphne Sofa

For something elegant and comfortable, the Daphne Sofa is a sturdy and supportive option. It features an all-wood frame that is reinforced and quality foam seat cushions. The legs are solid wood and very sturdy. The couch is teal, which makes it the perfect statement piece for any room! This would look perfect in a room that requires a color pop. It would look best with light walls and darker wood pieces.

Tibbee Slate Sofa

If you need a smaller piece or are furnishing a smaller space, this two-seater is a perfect option. The Tibbee Sofa has strong frame construction and is very comfortable. The couch is a nice grey shade and can look nice in any space it is chosen for. It features two large seats and has plenty of room for relaxing. Given the dark grey color, it would look ideal in rooms that have a lot of light, and are a smaller space. It would look great in a den, computer room, or near a bookshelf.

Soletren Stone Sofa

The last suggestion is the Soletren Stone Sofa, and it is a beautiful light-grey three-seat sofa perfect for any space.  The frame construction is very sturdy, and the fabrics are comfortable and durable. Cushions are made from high-quality foam, making this couch another excellent option. With the light color, would look great to offset darker walls. It has a lot of space so it would work well in the main room with bright colored pillows for an extra color pop.


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